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History of Consulting Services Support Corporation (CSSC)

http://www.csscias.com/images/history_photo.jpg Why was CSSC created?
Because the financial security of individuals, the members of public and private retirement plans, and their families so desperately depends upon the success of the investments within their respective retirement plans; and that the process of obtaining accurate, complete, and unbiased information is crucial in the decision making process for each investor, yet did not exist within the traditional financial services industry; and that the analysis of that data is also crucial for that decision making process (and also did not exist in the traditional financial services industry); that we desperately needed to create such a process.

CSSC is an Illinois corporation, founded on January 22, 1998. Our corporate goal is to fundamentally change the way financial services are rendered by transferring the balance of power away from traditional brokers, investment consultants, and vendors of financial products into the hands of the investing public, where it belongs – through our unique, proprietary, and patented technology and methodologies, and thus creating, in the process,

"A True Alternative to the Traditional Financial Services Industry®."

CSSC originally began as a platform for our affiliated professional advisory firms (consisting largely of CPA and Law Firms) to provide financial services to their clients…and to do so without compromising their already existing role as the most trusted advisor to those clients. We later expanded our services into the Community Banking and Institutional marketplace as the extent of the need for our unique solutions, made available with the use of our patented technologies and methodologies, were brought to our attention by our affiliates and the clients they serve.

As additional needs have been identified, we have created wholly-owned subsidiaries that allow our affiliated firms to further expand their roles and services to their clients in the areas of Healthcare Consulting, Philanthropic Services, and Commercial Services.

We believe the key to our growth and performance lies in our Process, and we invite you to see how...

"Changing the Process, Changes the Results®"

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