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CSSC Incorporated

Investment Advisory Services
Brokerage Services
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Healthcare Consulting Services

Expanding Our Service Capabilities

Consulting Services Support Corporation is an Illinois corporation, founded on January 22, 1998, the corporate goal of which is to fundamentally change the way financial services are rendered, by transferring the balance of power away from traditional brokers, investment consultants, and vendors of financial products into the hands of the investing public, where it belongs – through our unique, proprietary, and patented technology and methodologies, and thus creating, in the process,

“A True Alternative to the Traditional Financial Services Industry®.”

In addition to offering this alternative directly to a growing international range of individual and institutional clients, we are enabling law firms, accounting firms, community banks, and other professional advisors to offer these important alternatives to investors of all types within their local communities. Moreover, with our expanding service capabilities from our wholly-owned subsidiaries:

CSSC Investment Advisory Services, Inc.
CSSC Brokerage Services, Inc.
CSSC Insurance Services, Inc.
CSSC Healthcare Consulting Inc.

Consulting Services Support Corporation equips its affiliates to offer an expanding array of high-end services that enable them to fill the role as the Total Solutions Coordinator for their clients, while not compromising their traditional role as an independent professional advisor. Our goal is to fundamentally change the way financial services are rendered with our unique, proprietary, and patented technology and methodologies.

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