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Innovative People, Innovative Company

Daniel M. Cable stated in his book Change To Strange: Create a Great Organization by Building a Strange Workforce (Wharton School Publishing) that what characterizes successful companies these days is "a strikingly different, obsessively focused" workforce, one that –when compared to competitors' workforces—is "downright strange."

Unlike most companies in the traditional financial services industry that seek or reward product sales experience as a prime determinant for employment, TEPI is quite the opposite. This is simply because the founder of TEPI was an estate and transactions attorney who represented many clients affected by that industry, but he is not from that industry. As a result, the majority of the people affiliated with and employed by TEPI, though highly credentialed and licensed, are also not from that industry and do not have sales experience.

TEPI believes that by finding people who can obsessively focus upon our goal to transfer the balance of power away from the vendors of financial products and services into the hands of those who are affected by those products and services - our clients – that we will be able to achieve our mission: to fundamentally change the traditional financial services industry.

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