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Consulting Services Support Corporation (CSSC)

Why was CSSC created?
Because the financial security of individuals, the members of public and private retirement plans, and their families so desperately depends upon the success of the investments within their respective retirement plans; and that the process of obtaining accurate, complete, and unbiased information is crucial in the decision making process for each investor, yet did not exist within the traditional financial services industry; and that the analysis of that data is also crucial for that decision making process (and also did not exist in the traditional financial services industry); that we desperately needed to create such a process.

Our Mission is to fundamentally change the way financial services are rendered, by transferring the balance of power away from traditional brokers, investment consultants, and vendors of financial products into the hands of the investing public, where it belongs – by creating unique, proprietary, and patented technology and methodologies – and thusly creating, in the process,

"A True Alternative to the Traditional Financial Services Industry®."

How did we create our Process?
Since we were not “from” the traditional financial services industry, we started from a strictly client-centric / buy-side approach rather than from the traditional sell-side approach within the traditional industry. We believe that all investors, both individuals and fiduciary boards alike, have really only one question:

 "Of all the available choices, which one is best for me (us)?"

We determined that three basic tenets would be essential to develop our Process and to achieve our Mission:
  • The critical first step would be being able to provide the broadest practical market access to product and manager choices. Almost all traditional financial services firms limit choices to only those on their "approved lists" – lists that are almost always very small fractions of the entire universe of possible choices that could potentially be available. Worse yet, getting on such lists too often has had little to do with quality or performance and much more to do with marketing deals and "pay-to-play" arrangements. To the extent client choices are limited; the clients’ chances of finding "the best one for them" are proportionally reduced. So, to remedy this, our unique Process needed to provide, to the greatest extent possible, universal market access to all available money management teams.
  • Secondly, we could not participate in the various incentive compensation and "pay-to-play" deals and similar "arrangements," which we believe tend to corrupt the financial services marketplace, and which make it nearly impossible for investors to find "advice" they can trust.  
  • Thirdly, we needed to create unique, proprietary and, as of May 4, 2010, patented decision-assistance technologies and methodologies that enable us to deal with the mass of information needed to comparatively evaluate such an expanded universe of choices. With it, we should be able to select any number of performance parameters, and separately weight each one, in order to score and rank the entire universe of available choices in a manner specific to each client’s individual needs. Through use of this unique, new decision-assistance technology, we would enable consumers to determine for themselves which financial products and investment choices are truly best for them (fully objective, transparent and uninfluenced by the marketing hype, advertising claims, behind the scenes deals and relationships, and without any of the sales pressures, all too common within the traditional financial services marketplace) and create a methodology for the on-going performance monitoring of those choices to assist in the replacement/retention decisions of those managers. 

How would we deliver that Process and what would it take to be successful in accomplishing our stated mission?
We believe this new and fundamentally different Model – especially when delivered through trusted advisory professionals – could have a profoundly disruptive effect on the multi-trillion dollar traditional financial services industry ("disruptive" in much the same way that the introduction of automobiles disrupted buggy making).  This is because, as is illustrated below, the consumer appeal of this new Model appears so obvious, compelling, and easy to understand, that:

  • If a person could go to someone they already know and trust, who already knows the most intimate details of their financial life (e.g., their trusted CPA, lawyer or banker); and
  • If, through that person, they could obtain access to the broadest practical range of available investment and other financial product choices,
  • And they could have all of those choices objectively scored and ranked in a manner specific to their individual needs (something our patented proprietary decision-assistance technology now enables them to do) – and they could see the results, presented to them in a fully transparent way, empowering them to make informed decisions for themselves;

Why would they ever deal with a product salesperson again?
We believe the answer is obvious – they wouldn't.

We believe that, in addition to offering this alternative directly to a growing international range of individual and institutional clients, we are enabling law firms, accounting firms, community banks, and other professional advisors to offer these important alternatives to investors of all types within their local communities.

Moreover, with our expanding service capabilities from our wholly-owned subsidiaries:

Trustee Empowerment & Protection, Inc.
CSSC Insurance Services, Inc.
CSSC Healthcare Consulting, Inc.

We can now equip our affiliates to offer an expanding array of high-end services that enable them to f ill the role as the Total Solutions Coordinator for their clients while not compromising their traditional role as an professional advisor. Thus fulfilling our Mission to fundamentally change the way financial services are rendered with our unique, proprietary, and patented technology and methodologies.

We believe the key to defendability, transparency, and potentially superior investment performance lies in our Process, and we invite you to see how...

Changing the Process, Changes the Results®

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